My pregnancy journey

Motherhood is a thing of joy and laughter, thou not always sweet especially as a new mom, my baby is a year and one month old, and I thank God every day for having her, my pregnancy journey was not so easy.During pregnancy, you will know that every minute and seconds matters a lot, because you can’t wait to see your baby, always imagining what he or she will look like, and also wanting to be free and have your normal body back, slay your normal outfits, etc.

I always want to write this as a new mom when I was pregnant but I couldn’t, maybe the hormones, fatigue, nags, cravings won’t allow me,lol.I noticed a change in my body when, I was barely a week gone, It all started with spotting, sickness which I thought was malaria, but was somehow suspicious.

I did had a lot of mood swings, one minute, I am happy, the next minute is anger, indeed it was hard for my husband who was also a first time dad, honestly he really suffered a bit from my nagging.

During my pregnancy journey, I cried a lot, I am always emotional especially when things don’t go my way, honestly I did not know that pregnancy can be this tough. During my first trimester, I was always sick, always vomiting, at a time, I thought I won’t make it through the 9 months journey, so many negative thoughts was always going through my head.

One of the things that kept me going was, joining fellow pregnant women on social media network, like Facebook, there we share feelings, trust me it feels so good to know that their are people, feeling exactly same way you do. That was one of the things that kept me going,also my mum was always calling and checking upon on me.

I also felt relieved each time I went for my antenatal, in the hospital, There, I met fellow pregnant women, we share our experiences and make friends, with one another, I was always afraid of labour, because I have heard and read so many stories about Labour pain and all, to the extent that when I was approaching my 9th month, I had mixed feelings, because of labour pain which I feared so much and the joy of having my baby,at last as God may have it, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

My labour wasn’t a hard one, I had my baby 5 hours after my water broke,to be honest labour for me wasn’t as hard as I imagined, it was easier than I expected, what gave me a tough time was healing from the vaginal tears, which I sustained during delivering.

I am sharing these especially to first time mums,no matter what you are facing, just hold on and stay strong, you will smile very soon.

Patience is a virture

Hmmm, where do I start from, well, patience the ability to wait, wait and wait. Does it really pay to be patient? Really does the patient dog eats the fattest bone?

Patience is a virtue we must all have, it saves us from so many distress, but these days, people are always in a hurry to get things done for example to build a house, to marry, to make money etc, we must all be patient and wait for our turn because all fingers are not equal.

People differs, destiny differs, places differs. It is different times for different folks, life stresses some and favours some. In all and all life goes on, dear folks let’s be patient and pray, we will all achieve our goals

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